The Health Promotion Case Management program uses an intensive case management approach to work collaboratively with clients to decrease vulnerability and risk for acquiring HIV while increasing their resiliency and self-efficacy.  Using a variety of strategies, Health Promotion Case Managers will:

  • Address structural and institutional barriers than can impact individual vulnerability to HIV
  • Support development of self-efficacy and personal skills that can increase individual


The Health Promotion Case Management team’s mandate is to engage with clients from who are most at risk for HIV acquisition

Clients that the HPCM serve will have risk factors including:

  • Recent diagnosis/treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • Being part of a sero-discordant relationship
  • Participating in the sex trade
  • Having unprotected sex with multiple and/or anonymous partners
  • Experiencing mental health and/or substance use
  • Recent or current course of nPEP


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